Inspiring Links

Sense and Sensibility Patterns
 ~ A website with lovely, historic inspired patterns

Jessamyn's Regency Costume Companion
 ~ Slightly out of date, but good resources for building a Regency wardrobe

Katherine's Dress Site
 ~ Amazing garment recreations from many different eras

The Costume College
 ~ Someday I would love to be able to attend this event. Take a look at some classes that have been offered in the past.

Reproduction Fabrics
~ An excellent source for high quality period cotton prints

Victorian Bonnets
~ Beautiful, beautiful hats!  Many different era's available.

The Great Pattern Review
~ This pattern review site is  very helpful.

Bustle Era Hairstyles
~Hairstyle info for the 1880's

Venetian Masks
~ If you're ever invited to a masquerade, go here for inspiration.

Regency Bonnet Tutorial
~ A free tutorial by Jennie Chancey, creator of Sense and Sensibility Patterns

Grannd Garb
~ Here is where I buy all my corset supplies, I love their company.

Jane Austen Magazine
~ Here are articles and information related to the Regency era.

~ If you have a Facebook, you will understand the hilarity of this re-telling of Pride and Prejudice.

In Timely Fashion
~ This site has some good how-to articles on hair styling.

~ More Regency information, if you're as obsessed as I am.

Wisconsin Historical Society Paper Dolls
~ Caddie Woodlawn paper dolls from the Wisconsin Historical Society

Wisconsin Historical Society Clothing Collections
~ A beautiful collection of original children's clothing.

Tidens Toj
~ Here is a Danish museum with an incredible collection, I have only browsed the Regency collection, but I'm sure the others are also interesting.

Vintage Textiles
~ Here's a site with vintage clothing for sale, it is great inspiration

Your Wardrobe Unlocked
~ This is a new resource for costumers, it’s expensive to sign up, but there is some free stuff available. 

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