About Me

Hello, my name is Adelheide, welcome to my blog.  Recently I graduated from college, and now I am finding my place in the world while pursuing my costuming hobbies, cooking good foods, and being crafty.  

My Mother is an excellent seamstress, and I have always lived with the sewing machine set up in a sunlit corner of our bright yellow playroom.  The first memory I have of creating something was "sewing" matching ballet tutus for my sister and I.  They consisted simply of four petal shaped pieces of purple fleece tacked onto a navy ribbon tied about our waists!

Next I voraciously sewed doll clothes for my American Girl doll, Molly, and baby quilts with my Grandmother.  When I was 9 I got my first taste of historical costuming from a friend who was a few years older.  At the time, her family was very involved in Civil War reenacting.  She helped me hem my first handkerchief, and make a hoop-skirt out of coat hangers.  Since then I have continued to love period costuming (and hopefully improved slightly!), and now I focus as best as possible on historical accuracy. 

The Garret Corner is a place to document the huge projects that come out of my sewing room, as well as the crazy ones and the insignificant ones.  There are some of my adventures, recipies, and inspiration as well.  A lesson in how to pronounce my name is found here, and the tiniest bit of creative writing I do is here and here
Thank you for reading!


Anonymous said...

Very nice outfits. Truly looks enjoyable. Good luck in your college endeavors. I think you should come up with healthy historical recipes!

Kim Nugent said...

Very lovely! I am thinking about doing a Lowell Mill Dress for Rendezvous, but then I saw your Overland Dress. You have to share where you got the pattern!