November 17, 2014

Hudson Bay Capote

Winter's chill has come to Oregon so my brother has unpacked the wool trapper Capote I gave him last Christmas.
This was a special project that I was thrilled to make for him. He is a boy scout (just earned his Eagle!) and is part of Order of the Arrow, an honor society for scouts. In Order of the Arrow it is common to have coats like this to wear out on winter adventures in the woods.
The blanket is traditionally the cream Hudson Bay blanket with colorful red and green stripes and the coat is cut so it utilizes the entire blanket and shows off the stripes. These days Hudson Bay blankets cost hundreds of dollars and I wouldn't dream of cutting into one, but I had something better. This is made from my grandfathers old grey army blanket--too ugly to put on a bed, but warm and perfectly striped for this Capote.
My brother carved his own wooden buttons to finish the front. The guide I used for cutting and sewing the Capote is available here.


SisterlyLove said...

What a great coat!! Love it! And extra special because it was his grandpa's blanket!

Anonymous said...

That is an excellent coat! What a wonderful sister to make it for him, and the fact that it was from Grandpa's USMC blanket makes it priceless. I hope to make one like it someday.

Jeff C.

Izzy said...

I recognized that blanket as soon as I saw it- my dad is also a West Point grad, and it is a family heirloom! This is a great way to give it new life.
Thanks for posting- I'm gonna check out your pattern.