November 15, 2014


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Hello Garret Corner. It's been quite some time since I've ventured up here, this place needs a good feather dusting.

I've decided to venture back onto this blog. I can't promise any consistent posting, or how long it will last. But it's nearly Thanksgiving and my creative juices are flowing with projects and ideas for the holidays.

Also, I have been in a slump lately with my historic costuming. That used to be my favorite hobby but lately has been more of a chore. My closet still has some unfinished things that would be nice to wrap up so I'm going to use the inspiration of other bloggers and motivation of posting to get a few things done this winter!

If you've found this post--two years after I abandoned the place--well done! Thanks for reading.


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SisterlyLove said...

welcome back Heidi! Our blogs are kind of desolate as well (except for Margeurite's doll blog!). Looking forward to whatever you post! :)
We were wondering if you'd like to come over to our house on the Saturday after Thanksgiving for whist and such. I will e-mail you too. Time for our annual get together yes? :)