August 26, 2011

The Three Spinsters and I (the unofficial fourth spinster)

Three of my very dear friends are Genevieve, Marguerite, and Aimee from The Three Spinsters.

Earlier this month we had a lovely soiree, which included clothing that has been out of fashion for at least 100 years*, a dip in the pond, and stories around the campfire.

*they included that lovely bit in the invitation, which gave me much amusement!

One afternoon, while lounging on the grass doing handwork, we happened on the idea of imitating a painting.  In essence, finding a painting with four girls in it, making the dresses, and posing for a replica photograph.  I have seen it done very well before with Portrait of the Empress Eugenie Surrounded by her Maids of Honor
Picture from

Lavender's Green also did one, The Croquet Game, by Winslow Homer.
Picture from

So, the T.S.S. and I are on the lookout for paintings with four girls.  The only one I have found so far is below.  It is a little dull, with three matching dresses and one black one, but Jeb could even have a part in it!
Oh the fun we will have!

August 22, 2011

Forgot to mention...

It's GarretCorner (dot!) com now. 

We have our own domain.  It's exciting. 

Your browser should automatically redirect, but I still wanted to share.


August 20, 2011

Have Dress...Need Event

The newest dress in my collection has been in progress since May 2010!  Normally I do not let things drag on that long, but I wanted this one to be perfect.  I was also hand sewing it, and the sleeves required several trial versions.  The last few stitches were added while visiting my aunt and when I finished we had a photo shoot in her parlor.    

Original inspiration came from a dress picture on the Sense and Sensibility England Blog.  It was a snapshot from a museum, of a sea foam colored dress covered with ornate trimming.  I attempted to find the exact color, but was unsuccessful.  This silk I found on sale for $4 per yard after Christmas, but there was only 2.25 yards left.  This is the most precisely cut dress I have ever made, and I was left with about 10 square inches of fabric left!  

Eventually I think I will add more  trimming.  Typically my dresses get a little something new added every time I wear them and as this post suggests, I am still looking for the perfect event. 


August 18, 2011

A Reintroduction

I'm back!  Hello to my old friends, hello to new ones.

Six months have passed since I needed a break from the internet world, and a lot has happened:

In December I completed a Senior capstone project, designing clothing for women who have undergone mastectomies and need clothing suited to prosthesis.

In January, February and March, I designed and constructed a line of clothing that was showcased in the school fashion show.

In April I graduated!

In May I moved 5 states away to do a costuming internship.

In June, and July, I constructed 70 garments for the museum, helped with historic demonstrations, and learned a little bit about collections work.

Now it's August.  I'm enjoying the sun, doing some interesting projects, and looking forward to reconnecting with Garret Corner readers once again.  

So, I am really back.  The Garret Corner is inhabited once again.