September 27, 2011

Wally Pops

Some girls I love run the Etsy shop, Pretty Wit.  Marguerite is the designer and creator of the irresistible Wally Pops.  Morgandy is the little guy who lives with me. 
He is a frequent resident of my rear view mirror, and while at school last semester, my friend Kami fell in love with him. 
For Kami's birthday I commissioned Marguerite to make a wally pop perfectly suited to my friend and she didn't disappoint!  Gabrielle arrived beautifully crafted with the sweetest smile!  The only things I told Marg were that Kami loves pink, Paris, and cupcakes.  Below is the description that was impeccably penned on Gabrielle's birth certificate:
"Bonjour! This is Gabrielle. She loves to bake sweet things and always takes time to make everything beautiful. She is often found sitting at sidewalk cafés sipping Perrier and having long conversations with friends. She loves to ride her bike over the cobblestone streets and stop at all the old bridges to listen to the music drift over the river and fade into the pink sunset beyond the sparkling lights of Paris"
If you're looking for a gift for your bestie, I suggest you check out the Pretty Wit shop to adopt a Wally of your own!

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SisterlyLove said...

Hey! I never saw this on here! Thanks for such a complement!