September 28, 2011


...someday you just might get the urge to pipe everything in red.  I did.  But don't worry, it's historically accurate.  Linda, my friend at the museum found an extant 1905 blouse with blue check fabric like the one above--piped in red. 

This blouse is for Linda actually.  The living history program she curates (is that a word...the living history program she is curator of?) just made the switch from 1880 to 1904 so she gets a new wardrobe!  This is a work blouse incorporating as much detail as possible so it feels *slightly* more like a nice blouse. 

I used a Rocking Horse Farm pattern, botched the cuffs--I'm sure of it, and piped everything.  The buttons were an amazing find from a 50 cent clearance rack at the fabric store.

I've got many more 1904 garments to post.  I suppose I should even make a new category for them.  Now isn't that fancy!


SisterlyLove said...

So beautiful! I absolutely love piping. And those tucks are gorgeous!


corner wardrobe said...

Gorgeous! I love this!