September 30, 2011

1904 Vest and Blouse

 I can't seem to get enough of this blue swirl silk (previously it was made into an 1880s polonaise).  I love how this picture shows it's many characteristics.  From some angles it looks bright blue, from others it is brown.  I believe they call that "shot" silk because the warp and weft use different colors. 

Above is a late 1800s vest made from a Folkwear pattern.  It went together easily and is line with cotton.  It is made to be worn over the cotton blouse pictured below:
This is a cotton muslin from the home dec section that has diamond pin tucks all over.  the front gathers at the neckline and it buttons down the back with some antique shell buttons. 

Although the designs on these fabrics may not be perfectly accurate, the fibers are, and the styles are.  It's two out of three, and for me that is enough.  Always an interesting question though.  As my reader, what is your opinion on historical accuracy?  Are you a purest?  An "accurate as you can be within reason"?  Or a "don't really care, just want to sew and dress up"?

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SisterlyLove said...

Hello Heidi!
These are so pretty! I really love the blouse!
I definitely fall into the "accurate within reason" category. In a few words.. I LOVE the look of hand sewing on everything, but it would take me a billion years to finish something big. So, I love things that look historically accurate, but are made within a reasonable time. =]
xo Marguerite