August 26, 2011

The Three Spinsters and I (the unofficial fourth spinster)

Three of my very dear friends are Genevieve, Marguerite, and Aimee from The Three Spinsters.

Earlier this month we had a lovely soiree, which included clothing that has been out of fashion for at least 100 years*, a dip in the pond, and stories around the campfire.

*they included that lovely bit in the invitation, which gave me much amusement!

One afternoon, while lounging on the grass doing handwork, we happened on the idea of imitating a painting.  In essence, finding a painting with four girls in it, making the dresses, and posing for a replica photograph.  I have seen it done very well before with Portrait of the Empress Eugenie Surrounded by her Maids of Honor
Picture from

Lavender's Green also did one, The Croquet Game, by Winslow Homer.
Picture from

So, the T.S.S. and I are on the lookout for paintings with four girls.  The only one I have found so far is below.  It is a little dull, with three matching dresses and one black one, but Jeb could even have a part in it!
Oh the fun we will have!


SisterlyLove said...

Jeb would certainly appreciate that! He loves to be in on our little adventures. :)

That is a very pretty picture! The matching dresses are actually really interesting. Bridesmaids?!


SisterlyLove said...

Oh my! What fun we had! I hope we may yet find the perfect painting! I do like this one very much though! Wouldn't Jeb just be thrilled! =]

Adelheide said...

Genevive, I just had a thought, maybe the matching dresses are school uniforms... The fourth girl could be wearing a coat, or just be too poor for school :(


SisterlyLove said...

OHHH! I cant wait!! I think we found a good one to use. hmmm i can't remember the name of the painting right now but when i find it i'll send it to you. Yippy!
love you soooo!