August 18, 2011

A Reintroduction

I'm back!  Hello to my old friends, hello to new ones.

Six months have passed since I needed a break from the internet world, and a lot has happened:

In December I completed a Senior capstone project, designing clothing for women who have undergone mastectomies and need clothing suited to prosthesis.

In January, February and March, I designed and constructed a line of clothing that was showcased in the school fashion show.

In April I graduated!

In May I moved 5 states away to do a costuming internship.

In June, and July, I constructed 70 garments for the museum, helped with historic demonstrations, and learned a little bit about collections work.

Now it's August.  I'm enjoying the sun, doing some interesting projects, and looking forward to reconnecting with Garret Corner readers once again.  

So, I am really back.  The Garret Corner is inhabited once again.


SisterlyLove said...

Hi!! I'm so glad you're back! It was so fun to spend time with you last week! I hope you enjoy the rest of August!

SisterlyLove said...



Jeanettec said...

Welcome back. I recently found your site and was sad that you had departed. I'm SO glad you're back.

Adelheide said...

Thanks Jeanettec! It's good to hear from you.


Stacey said...

So glad you've returned!