August 20, 2011

Have Dress...Need Event

The newest dress in my collection has been in progress since May 2010!  Normally I do not let things drag on that long, but I wanted this one to be perfect.  I was also hand sewing it, and the sleeves required several trial versions.  The last few stitches were added while visiting my aunt and when I finished we had a photo shoot in her parlor.    

Original inspiration came from a dress picture on the Sense and Sensibility England Blog.  It was a snapshot from a museum, of a sea foam colored dress covered with ornate trimming.  I attempted to find the exact color, but was unsuccessful.  This silk I found on sale for $4 per yard after Christmas, but there was only 2.25 yards left.  This is the most precisely cut dress I have ever made, and I was left with about 10 square inches of fabric left!  

Eventually I think I will add more  trimming.  Typically my dresses get a little something new added every time I wear them and as this post suggests, I am still looking for the perfect event. 



SisterlyLove said...

Oh my! I love your dress! And that parlor is absolutely perfect! It's looks like a movie set for a period drama. Beautiful.


SisterlyLove said...

I couldn't agree more with Gen! What beautifulness! Lovely dress my dear! And lovely photo shoot!