September 10, 2010

Lowell Mill Dress

This is the Lowell Mill dress, by Past Patterns.  I shared its construction earlier, but finally I have some nice pictures. It really was amazing to sew.  The fabric was lovely, and it was the first time I have done leg o' mutton sleeves.  Much of this dress is topstiched, and a garment becomes so much more dear after hours spent handstiching. 
The Pelerine is the only thing that varies from the pattern.  I copied it from a gown in the Tasha Tudor collection.  In my opinion it's extra large scallops are striking. 


Elinor Dashwood said...

Wow, it's beautiful! I love it!

Anonymous said...

Very lovely. I recently chanced upon some period fabric at the thrift store and was debating the merits of the Lowell mill dress versus the full high gown. It's encouraging to see the pattern made up so nicely.

Adelheide said...

Oh yay! I just love stumbling on good fabric. Have fun with whatever you choose!

SisterlyLove said...


Karrieann said...

...This is beautiful! I am thankful for your post about this dress ( I enjoy the others too). I have volunteered to do demonstrations at our Historical Travelers' Rest

I demonstrate period tatting! I have been searching for sometime now for a dress that is appropriate for this place ... Thank you so much!

What shoes do you wear? Suggestion where to find them?


Adelheide said...

That is a beautiful site Karrieann! My Mom does period tatting also, it is such a beautiful craft.

I do not have any dresses for this era yet so I haven't done the research on period shoes. However, I have a pair of Blockade Runner boots that I wear for 1860s-1880s and they would probably work for this era as well.