September 02, 2010


Hello Friends, I am here I've just been preoccupied.  School is back in session and I've moved back into my little apartment. 

The walls are shamefully bare though, so I'm looking for decorating ideas.  Any advice is appreciated.

Happy September!


SisterlyLove said...

Yay! how Wonderful! It's good to here from you. :)
I am currently inlove with Wall Decals. *sigh*'s all over the place!
Do you rent the apartment? Maybe they won't let you paint or anything on the walls but the Wall Decals may just be a peel away. if you know what i mean. maybe they come off? Or....if you didn't want to buy one of those and there was no problem with paint, you could paint a grand silhouette smack on your wall. :)
I really want to paint my room and redecorate. Since it wasn't my room originally, it doesn't suit me as well as i should like... ;D
yay! have fun with it!
.....I am ze king of ze Belgians.

Adelheide said...

I just thought of wall decals too. Amazon has these adorable ones with Dr. Seuss quotes! I hope that you can do something fun with your new room. No we can't paint, or drill holes, but there are lots of good adhesives for hanging things. I want to try getting a canvas and painting it.
---with arms stretched out ominously on the fireplace....Heidi =D

SisterlyLove said...

Ha ha! Ominous...
Here are a couple etsy shops that inspire me with ideas for walls and canvases. =]

xo Margo

SisterlyLove said...

Ha ha! Now it's my turn. We are just full of ideas huh? ;) I really like this site:
She has cool ideas.

I especially like this one:

And our friend does this site. Usually a bit too modern for my taste but some cool ideas!

Yes, you should paint your own canvas! That would be awesome. Oh, have you seen this idea?

Ok, I'm done now. Show us pictures of what you come up with!

Love you,

SisterlyLove said...

haha! are we the only ones who comment on here? wow.. and what silly comments too! "with arms stretched out ominously on the fireplace" AHHHH! you make me laugh so hard! :D hee hee!I'm sure we've given you enough links to decorate a whole HOUSE! haha! love you Adelheide!