September 24, 2010

Burgundy Travelling Dress

I began working on this gown right as summer started.  The Association for Living History Farm and Agriculture Museums (ALFAM) was having its annual meeting and attendees were invited to wear their finest raiment for the evening event.  The original inspiration came from a picture I have included below.  The fabric is a lightweight wool, and cut velvet curtain panels.  

The tails are such a unique addition to this dress, along with the buttons, which are all originals.  Along the front are rectangular glass ones with a gold detail, and on the back are two large brown ones.  The skirt was the most complicated part for me.  With its ruched front panels it was incredibly heavy and unwieldy. 

This is the pattern I used, although I altered the front to have an asymmetrical opening like the original below.  I also took some fullness out of the tails so there were not as many pleats as shown. 

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SisterlyLove said...

Oh! This is so pretty too! I love this style of jacket. =]