September 14, 2010

Building Inspiration

I am designing a clothing line.  I am also discovering how challenging it is to design a clothing line.  And I am finding how often my clothing designs are inspired by interiors.
These neutrals are spiced up with a splash of bold color, and the richness of the gilt mirrors.

And then here is a room full of color and energy, yet still grounded with neutrals.  

This is my favorite, the texture of an old house paired with the smooth wood and glossy silver.  

--I suppose inspiration can come in many forms


Emma said...

Are you a fashion design major? I hope you get inspired!! What are you trying to creat in your line specifically?

I love your blog, btw!! ^_^


Adelheide said...

Not exactly, the fashion department is having a show next year and they are admitting design bids.

I'd like to try using all the historical garments (which I love) and integrating similar design elements into modern clothes... we'll see where it goes.

SisterlyLove said...

Ooh! I love interior design! It inspires me too. =]
I hope when you get the bid! Do we get to see them when your done? I hope!