August 03, 2010

Mastering the Welted Pocket

Since I have been venturing more and more into Men's clothing, I knew it would eventually come up... the Welt Pocket.

Most patterns allow you to cheat, and sew fake little flaps on, which imitate pockets. However, since I frown upon such cheats, and sew for someone who actually likes to wear his clothing, it finally became time for me to learn this skill.

The very moment I had decided upon this course of action, a wonderful blog devoted to 18th century costuming posted a tutorial. I think the Widow Black read my mind, for her incredible Welt Pocket Tutorial revolutionized my pocket sewing.

In less than twenty minutes I had a beautiful looking welt pocket, just like the example pictured.
And that is all I had to say. Happy sewing to you all!

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