July 23, 2010

An Original

A fellow member of the Sensibility forum found this lovely painting of an 1880s scene. Notice the two ladies in the background and what they're wearing? Yes, it's almost identical to the dress I just finished!

It is so nice to see an image that makes the design come alive. And now I can probably assume that the style would be appropriate for older ladies too.

On another note, I am working away on another 1880s polonaise. The two I made last summer are here and here. I would rather do a grand reveal and show the entire dress rather than bits and pieces, but unfortunately that creates a rather boring blog.

I have realized that making a dress is rather like building a house. There are so many decisions to make...fabric, pattern, lining, buttons, trim, hem length, neckline finish, hat decorations, the list goes on! These decisions are made infinitely harder when you have three people who must agree. When I work for the museum I decide what works best construction-wise, the volunteer gives input on style (and if they are paying for it, material) and then the museum curator must approve everything historically. It gets to be a complicated mess that greatly prolongs the process.

That isn't to say I don't like it. Usually everything comes together and we end up with an amazing product... one of which I should hopefully be revealing to you soon!

Thus ends the journal entry,


SisterlyLove said...

lovely! I can't wait to see photos of it! I'm so inlove with 1880's right now!
Psst! I have BBC Robin Hood Season Two from the library right now! ...should we watch it together? or should we start with season one?...?? hmmm..

Adelheide said...

Oohh, season 2 is good since you have it! Or we could try and get season one. I'm done with ballet now too, so my evenings are open again. Can't wait!!!