July 16, 2010

A Checked Shirt

My goodness, it looks like I've gotten into the shirt making business! For every one I show you there are usually two others you don't see. What can I say... they're easier assembly line style, and the only reason I am showing you pictures again is because this fabric is different and fun.

It's cotton this time, unlike the previous linen ones. A black and cream check--so soft I think I want one for a nightshirt.

The style is similar to the Robin Hood tunic. Someday soon I'll have to dig up a tutorial because it's so easy I think I could convert many of you to my shirt making club. *I just realized that the first picture makes the shirt look really strange. It's not that short, I just folded it to fit on the table. These shirts are so large and unwieldy, they don't photograph well.


SisterlyLove said...

Love that checkered fabric!! I'm making a little green checked shirt for my nephew using the Civil War Men and boy's shirt pattern. It's SO easy too. :)


Anonymous said...

The fabric is great! Sometimes when you start something, it is easier to just continue to cut from the same pattern :)