June 18, 2010


The last part of my green 1860s ensemble is a knitted Sontag. I've never actually used it while reenacting, but it seems like it would be good on chilly mornings.
I used a pattern that I found somewhere online. Unfortunately I can't exactly remember which one. Here is a pattern from Ragged Soldier that is something similar if you wanted to knit one yourself.


SisterlyLove said...

So pretty! I want to make one of these. I have some beautiful brown fisherman's wool yarn to use. Lovely!!


Kathleen S. said...

How pretty! Green is "such a practical color" but a very elegant one, in my opinion. :)

Like the baskweave pattern!!

Do Sontags always have a narrow front? Seems like the back is well warmed, but the front may be chilly...just curious! :)

Adelheide said...

Yes, I think they are supposed to have a wider front. I was kind of guessing on the size and it turned out a little narrow :) This was actually my first time knitting, so I hadn't had much experience increasing and decreasing stitches!

Anna Kristine said...

Oh this looks amazing Heidi! I want to try one of these someday. I have the same exact yarn as Jenny too that I might use. :) Yours turned out lovely...especially for being your first knitting project, amazing!