June 22, 2010

Robin Hood Tunic - complete

And here it is! Modeled on, The One Who Shall Remain Faceless...

For the fabric, I wanted to use linen, but due to the high cost (and the inability to get it anywhere in town) I ended up using a secondhand green sheet. It was in like-new condition, and it is thick enough to hold up well as a tunic. I used a basic 18th century shirt pattern as a base. I've been making a lot of shirts for a client of mine so the pattern was still fresh in my mind. The hood I drafted using an old hooded cape as a reference. For the parts that lace up I used narrow ribbon to make little loops for the leather cord to go through. The hood has lacing up the back so when you wear it down the quiver fits through the gap. Some of the pictures in my previous inspiration post do a good job of showing this detail.
The sides lace up too, which I think is a fun touch. Around the hood and sleeves is a trim detail that I made by tearing two strips of fabric, leaving the edges raw, and sewing them on top of each other.
It's only two months late for my friends birthday, but I'm sure he won't mind! Now, if I've inspired you, go check out the wonderful BBC adaption of Robin Hood.


SisterlyLove said...

AHHHHH!! It's BEAUTIFUL!!! *sob*
will you make me one?????!! hahahha! what a wonderful job! I love how you ended up doing the trim. it looks just like it! *squeebin weebin* lovely.. just lovely! NOW CAN WE GET TOGETHER AND WATCH IT????!! *yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!*
;D love you babe!
i can't wait for our..*ahem.. get together of sorts. *grin*

Kathleen S. said...

Simply stunning!!! Especially the touch of shine along each section of lacing...what a neat way to get your loops! I'm gonna try that...unless you copyrighted your technique! lol

Your torn trim is perfect...slightly rustic, but still carefully done. And the gap in the hood for the quiver is so nifty! My sibs are archers, so will file away that idea... :)

So sorry you couldn't find linen...but your fabric choice worked out very well. Did you check at Hancocks? I saw some there just recently...but maybe not heavy enough and in the right color. *sigh*

Was this handsewn?

SisterlyLove said...

That looks so great! I like the way you decided to do the trim. And the ribbon loops are genius!!


Adelheide said...

Aimee, you make me smile! Yes of course we must watch it soon, I'm just dying to get another glimpse of that Will Scarlett, soontobe Mr Mason :) And yes, we also need to have our other little get together--that will not be shared in picture on the blog!! =D

Kathleen, nothing is copyright! Feel perfectly free to take any of my ideas, make them your own...and show me the results! And I didn't handsew the entire thing, I just attached the trim by hand.

Thanks Gen, it's not perfect, but it looks pretty close.

Anna Kristine said...

Heidi!! My...I've been absent for far too long. I must say, THIS IS AMAZING. It seriously looks so much like the real thing...you did it perfectly. :) Now I want to go make one. ;) And watch the show again...
I love the trim! Did you just tear strips to get that look? (I may end up pestering you with questions at some point when I have time to sew again, haha)
I miss you...

Anonymous said...

~ √čarwen


Adelheide said...

Thanks Anna and Earwen!

Yes I tore the strips Anna, I love it because when torn, the green fabric is a bit lighter on the edges which looks cool. And my friend just got it and says it fits--yay!

Anonymous said...

This looks amazing! :-O
I really enjoy the BBC adaptation, too; I like how the costumes are a blend of moder-urban and, well, you know, old. Lol.
(Btw, I found your blog on the Sensibility forum; I'm Mimi83 there).

Persuaded said...

Really, really nice! I am going to be coming back and checking out this post often as I work on my own son's version of this nifty jacket!
thanks so much for sharing☺

Anonymous said...

Sorry to ask so late after but do you by chance offer this shirt forsale? Or to be more exact a custom made version of it?

Merlin Mai said...

This is amazing!
I was wondering if you could make me one exactly like it? I can't sew and neither can anyone around me, but this is fantastic and completely amazing and I'd be honored if you could make me one!