June 08, 2010

1860 Ensemble

Last weekend I helped out at an 1860 event at the museum. Before it started I had the chance to finally photograph most of the garments I have for the civil war era. Almost all of these were made two years ago when I spent a season reenacting.

My dress was made with Past Pattern's Dart Fitted Bodice Pattern. The sleeves are bishop sleeves that I drafted using Elizabeth Stewart Clark's book, Practical Prinkery. The skirt is simply three widths of fabric gathered onto a waistband. The hat was made last year, and I detailed its construction here.
This apron is made from a very tiny homespun check. It is made from the out of print, Simplicity 7212 pattern, but I added the straps for convenience. I know straps are not very period correct, but I really dislike pinner aprons.
And finally, here is a picture of how I did my hair. It gives a slight impression of poufs over the ears, and it what I've found that works best. I part my hair and put up a ponytail in the center back of my head, leaving the hair down that frames my face. Then, I twist and pull that hair back and over my ears, and put up all the hair together into a bun.

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Anonymous said...

I am opening a Victorian tea room in an old civil war vets house and I was wondering if we could get the pattern for the apron?