May 08, 2010

Designing a Deerstalker

My sister is having a costumed birthday party next week. Each guest was requested to come dressed as a certain character and I get to be Sherlock Holmes... deerstalker hat and all!

After scouring the internet for hat patterns or ideas, the best I could come up with was some cheap costume ones, pictures, and Simplicity 2517. Unwilling to buy a pattern at full price, I decided to design my own hat. It would have been much easier to buy the pattern instead of wasting an afternoon, but I think it was worth the creative challenge.

Yes, my little lamp is modeling these hats :)

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DJ said...

wonderful work!!! love it. I want to make my daughters a detective outfit and cant seem to find a pattern for the hat!! Martha stewart has a pattern for the cape but the hat she uses a cap and transforms it. I want to make the hat from scratch, would you be able to share the pattern? Thank you.