May 14, 2010

Deerstalker Pattern and Tutorial

This is a pattern for a basic Deerstalker Hat. It fits an average head, measuring 23" around. Of course, the seam allowances could be altered, or the pieces sized to fit any shape or size head.

The pattern pieces are on two 8.5x11" sheets. Follow the links below and print at full scale.
Pattern Sheet 1
Pattern Sheet 2

Step by step instructions follow, all seam allowances are 1/2", except where noted.

Cut out all pieces:
4 fabric brims
2 buckram brims
4 fabric ear pieces
6 fabric crown pieces
6 lining crown pieces

Sew the ear pieces together then grade and clip seams.

Turn ear pieces inside out and press.

Lay two brim pieces right sides together and one buckram piece on top of that. Sew all three layers together.

Trim the buckram as close as possible to the stitching. Grade and trim the fabric seams.

Turn inside out and press the brim pieces flat. The buckram should now be sandwiched in between the two layers of fabric.

7)With two of the crown pieces right sides together, sew from the bottom of one edge to the dot on the pattern.

Press this seam open.

Repeat, adding on each crown piece until it is a full circle.

Repeat with all the lining pieces. The seams may need to be trimmed where the top points meet in order to reduce bulk.

With right sides together center the brim pieces over the front and back crown seams, and center the ear pieces on the side crown pieces. Baste around the entire hat 1/4".

Flip the ear pieces and the brims to the inside of the hat and attach the lining right sides together with the crown. Sew around, leaving a 3" opening on one side.

Turn the hat right sides out and press the crown away from brim and ear pieces.

Sew around the crown, 1/8" above the brim and ear pieces. This keeps the lining fabric in place.

Sew a button on top to tie up the ear flaps. Lastly, sew a ribbon to the bottom of each ear flap to tie it up and out of the way. (Ribbon is not pictured on the hat made in this tutorial)

---This is a free pattern, created for Garret Corner readers. Do not sell this pattern or any hats made with this pattern. Please do not distribute this pattern, but instead, refer people back to my blog so they can download it themselves.---


Anonymous said...

Thanks for creating and sharing such a brilliant pattern and tutorial. Had problems scaling to full size so my first attempt fits perfectly my 8 year old son :) It was either going to fit me, my son or his teddy bear!! I attached the ribbon when I was making the ear flaps rather than hand sewing later. Will scale up and make another for me.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks so much for this pattern. It was easy to follow and now I have a fantastic hat to top off my Sherlock Holmes Halloween costume!

Adelheide said...

Aww, I'm so glad to hear that, have fun!

Aisha said...

Thank you sooooo much for this fabulous tutorial! I was a bit daunted at first but the step by step pics really helped met through it :-)
Had a pretty pink deerstalker hat to go with my pink sherlock holmes outfit.

Adelheide said...

Thanks for commenting Aisha. Your costume sounds great! Glad to help.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this pattern. It looks great. I am, however, having trouble with the scale. First attempt turned out very small. Should it be enlarged to fit an adult?

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Try saving each sheet as a jpg image, then printing them full size. There should be a box to check for "fit to paper" If these are printed on an 8.5x11 sheet with standard printer margins, they should fit an adult head.

Andi said...

I would post a pic but I am a little too lazy. :P I just finished making this hat! I used gray felt and buttons to fasten the ear flaps instead. It's for my sherlock holmes costume for halloween! It only BARELY fits me and is very tight... but it does fit. :) I love how it turned out and your tutorial was THE BEST ONE OUT THERE! I have been searching for a while and couldn't find anything I liked until this one. Love it, LOVE IT. Thank you so much! :D

Adelheide said...

Oh hi Andi! Good to hear from you, thanks for the comment.

Hmm, I seem to be getting a lot of comments about it being tight. Maybe I have an abnormally small head :) or maybe I should just go back and test my pattern!


Anonymous said...

I needed a deerstalker for my dog's halloween costume. Oddly enough the pattern printed out very tiny, so perfect for my small dog. I got lots of compliments on the hat! I would post a picture but it does not seem to want to let me.

Thanks for sharing your pattern.


Addie said...

Thank you so much for this. My husband and I are Sherlock fanatics and I made the hat as part of my two-year old daughter's Halloween costume. As the previous poster stated, I wish there was a way to send you a picture. I scaled all the pieces down about 6/8 in and it was perfect for my toddler! And now she wants to wear the hat EVERYWHERE!

Adelheide said...

Awww, thanks for the comment Addie. It sounds so cute as a toddler hat!

Anonymous said...

Aisha, could you please upload a photo of you in that pretty pink Sherlock Holmes costume? I bet you looked wonderful in that costume,and solved a bunch of mysteries with it, thanks!!!!!!!

Gina said...

This is a wonderful pattern Adelheide! I can't wait to use this. I am planning a Sherlock Holmes-esque dress and this pattern will so come in handy!! Thank you!

LMstrauss said...

Hi u know of similar pattern but one that has circle for the top piece so flat on top?

Rebecca said...

Thank you so much for your pattern! I made it really quickly using the same plastic as window blinds because I don't have buckram. Worked out pretty well, but I had to put some elastic along the inside to keep the plastic pulled into a more curved shape. Now the hat fits fine. It was big for me originally. This'll go great with my Sherlock costume!

MaryBeth said...

Thanks for the pattern, great project! A tip for sizing, I used the print zoom to 130 percent to get the 1/2 inch seam and used 1/2 yard of 45" material. Will post picture if I can figure out how.

Katharina said...

I thought it will be really hard to sew a deerstalker, but thanks to your pattern and description it was really easy and fun. Thanks a lot!

DJ said...

oh just found it, lol, disregard my last comment in the other post, ur awesome!!! love it!

come bien said...

Thanks a lot, I needed this for my best friend's birthday and I just finished it, it's the first thing I've sewn and woha it worked, it looks great and all, excellent tutorial, only a note on the ribbon, it's kinda hard to attatch it when it's all finished tho

GranolaWitch said...

(French) Merci beaucoup pour ce tutoriel ! J'ai réussi à réalisé le chapeau mais j'ai du y rajouter un morceau.Au final il est trop petit je pense que mes patrons ne sont pas à la bonne dimension . Je vais réessayer !

Elaine Z said...

Made up this hat today. Thank you for creating the tutorial! I had quite a hard time convincing my computer to print it the right size, and ended up uploading the jpg files to an online pdf maker (smallpdf) to get it to print properly. It fits me well. I also extended the earflaps by an inch so they would tie up closer to the top of my head. Fabric is a polyester spandex scrap from the remnant bin, but it didn't give me too many stretching issues.

I think you can see the photo of it by clicking on my name.