May 03, 2010

Summer Blouse

I have been in a draping class over the last semester, and one of our projects was to create an original design. This is the shirt that I designed and made. As part of the project we also had to make a complete pattern and presentation board.
I draped on a size 8 dress form, and sewed my finished garment out of a slate blue bamboo fabric. It felt like a heavy weight cotton and was lovely to work with.
It fits my sister perfectly and already she has commandeered it to wear to school!


Erika said...

Looks like fun! :) Love the shade of blue for that top.
I am beginning sewing classes next semester and I cannot wait!! I can't imagine how exciting it must be to create something like that. :-)

The Fox Foodie said...

It's beautiful! Your sister is very lucky!!

Margeaux said...

I just clipped a picture of a very similar blouse from a magazine to save for sewing inspiration! This is lovely - I especially like how the straps and underarm binding are combined into a single piece.

Gloria said...

Lovely! Cool to hear about the bamboo fabric.