April 03, 2010

More Easter Baking

Today I baked our traditional Easter cookies. I'm kind of missing my family now, so it was fun to hear that my Sister was baking them at home at the same time I made these.

The recipe is pretty basic, they are called Almond Macaroon Easter Nests. Typically we like to use pastel colored m&m's, but sometimes they can be very hard to find. The regular kind are just as tasty!

Yesterday I made a new dress, so I'll get back to my normal sewing blogging soon. I've just been so inspired lately by my food blogging friend, Kami!

1 comment:

The Fox Foodie said...

Those look awesome! I am bummed I missed out on scoring one!

Oh, and you are and inspiration to me too! :-D I want to learn how to sew awesome things!