March 09, 2010

Finished Dirndl

My Dirndl is done! It's been in the making for over a year, but with this inspiration, and several sewing days with a good friend, it finally came together. And yes... it does make me look 12 :)
I started with the Burda 4884, and only modified the front pieces. Someday I will probably rework the white blouse because I do not really like the look of huge puffed sleeves. The fabric I used was actually not denim, although I know it looks like that in the pictures. It was a very lightweight cotton, with a loose, very slubby weave. It is almost see through, but I'm wearing a white petticoat underneath. I am sorry that I don't know the exact name of the fabric, but I got it from my Grandmother. I still need to make the apron, and then who knows where I'll wear it... maybe an Oktoberfest dance?


Frizz said...

Your dirndl is so cute! I've always wanted to try the Burda pattern. I bought a dirndl from Germany, on ebay a few years ago and have only worn it once or twice. Sad, because I do really like it.

The Fox Foodie said...

Oh my goodness! Heidi that is precious! And it looks so cute on you! LOVE IT! (PS. I totally gave a report on Germany today and was wishing I had a dress just like that to wear! haha) said...

What fun!