December 30, 2009

Linen Shirts

I made these two linen shirts this week for a friend of mine. They don't look very good on hangers because they are so big! Apparently shirts in the Regency time period were very loose fitting--and they take so much fabric!

Despite having sewn for years, this was my first time working with real linen. It was wonderful, I loved its drape and its texture, and it was nice how easy it was to sew with.

The first shirt was very plain, with a wide collar and cuffs.
The second was a little more detailed, with ruffled cuffs and a unique collar.
You can't see in the above picture, but the collar is cut to look like the one on Colonel Brandon below.

I didn't do any buttonholes or detail work because my friend wants to do them by hand himself.

1 comment:

SisterlyLove said...

By hand....HIMself. Wow.... :)
Those are beautiful shirts! Linen is glorious to work with isn't it?