November 08, 2009

College Sewing

The weeks speed by here--already it is November and my Mom's birthday. She came to visit me this weekend and we had such a fun time. I gave her a belated birthday gift, a coat I had secretly sewn. Here is an example of college wrapping paper! I think the card added a nice touch, stapled to the front...
It was a corduroy jacket made from Simplicity 2508. She looks scrumptious in the color, if I do say so myself. I especially love how the corduroy is placed on different grain lines to add interest.
Here is the front view with the collar up.
The inside sleeves are lined with satin, and the inside body is lined with wool for extra warmth.

My first time making patch pockets:
Back view with folded down collar

It was also my first time making bound buttonholes. They were easier than I thought, but I could definitely use more practice on them.

I just love making jackets, they are such a rewarding, ready to wear project. With a little care during sewing they can look like a fabulous store bought product.

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SisterlyLove said...

wow very nice! well done! :)