November 29, 2009

My Grandma

Last week my Grandma died unexpectedly. It was a shock to my family, but we are doing well now. Thankfully I could leave school for a time, and my Mom and I drove together to her house in Northern Washington. We spent the weekend cleaning out her house and looking through old pictures and albums. I came across this newspaper ad she was in and it was too cute not to share. Unfortunately the quality isn't the greatest, but you can still see my young cheery Grandmother and my Mom's oldest brother.

MOTHER Mrs. Norma Peoples, a typical Bellevue housewife, starts her day early. Here, Mrs. Peoples helps son, Dean, get ready for school. A last minute check makes sure everything is all right and now it's time to start the housework.

NEIGHBOR After the morning's work, Mrs. Peoples telephoned her neighbor, Mrs. Selma Otis, to join her in a coffee break. The telephone keeps Mrs. Peoples in touch with her friends and does dozens of little chores for her every day.

BUYER This is only one of the many positions held by Mrs. Peoples. And her phone is a big help. Whether it's a call to arrange a trip downtown or order refreshments for an evening's entertainment, her phone is ready to run her errands.

HOMEMAKER Gleaming tableware and a happy smile mark the closing hours of a busy day. Whatever her day includes, Mrs. Peoples finds that her telephone makes the day a little easier does so much and costs so little.

November 28, 2009

All Things Regency

I'm in a regency mood now--hence the profile picture change. A new chapter of the Oregon Regency Society has opened in my hometown, and I am looking forward to getting involved.

So far there are three chapters, the northwest, central valley, and cascades region. The new cascades blog is here, and you can find out about all the upcoming events. I hope that all my friends nearby will plan to get involved!

November 13, 2009


I just found a blog called Craft Chi, and on it Amy has a download for these wonderful embroidery floss cards. I can't wait to make a set, and it seems like a good gift idea too.

November 08, 2009

College Sewing

The weeks speed by here--already it is November and my Mom's birthday. She came to visit me this weekend and we had such a fun time. I gave her a belated birthday gift, a coat I had secretly sewn. Here is an example of college wrapping paper! I think the card added a nice touch, stapled to the front...
It was a corduroy jacket made from Simplicity 2508. She looks scrumptious in the color, if I do say so myself. I especially love how the corduroy is placed on different grain lines to add interest.
Here is the front view with the collar up.
The inside sleeves are lined with satin, and the inside body is lined with wool for extra warmth.

My first time making patch pockets:
Back view with folded down collar

It was also my first time making bound buttonholes. They were easier than I thought, but I could definitely use more practice on them.

I just love making jackets, they are such a rewarding, ready to wear project. With a little care during sewing they can look like a fabulous store bought product.