October 03, 2009

Bright Star

This movie opened on September 18th and I think it looks lovely. It is the love story between John Keats and the girl next door, Fanny Brawne. It is rated PG so hopefully it will be a sweet, appropriate movie.

I like the fact that Fanny is an aspiring seamstress. I think that we can expect a wonderful costumed film. Let me know if you have seen it already!


Anna Kristine said...

I can't wait to see this!
I'm going to see it next week! It looks like it will be a really inspiring film. :)
I'm so excited to see all the lovely dresses...but so far in the photos I'm most in love with Keat's frock coat. Goodness! I want to make it! I need to bribe my big brother into being my model. ;)
Are you enjoying your weekend home? When do you go back up?

Elinor Dashwood said...

It looks interesting. What era is that?

Adelheide said...

I think that it is the late Regency, 1815-20's. You should check out AnnaKristine's blog though, she saw it today and perhaps she'll do a post about it! *hint hint*

ReadingthroughLife said...

I saw this movie today since it only just come to our theater this weekend. I thought it was amazing and very well done, my mom even liked it. I absolutely loved Fanny Brawne's costumes especially the brown striped jumper. I hope everyone gets a chance to see it.