September 06, 2009

Ready, about!

Two weeks ago I left for a new college. It's my first time living away from home and it's been an adjustment. I live with five wonderful girls, some of them are a lot like me, some are very different. Because my schedule has changed drastically, I don't exactly know what direction this blog will go. I have a part time position as the sewing teacher's assistant, so I will still get to be somewhat creative. There might be a lot more posts on our adventures, or school related stuff, or what sewing I can cram in when I unpack my sewing machine from under my bed. I hope it's doesn't get too dull!

This is my new roommate Becca. We were born in the same hospital, so that makes us very compatible. :)


Elinor Dashwood said...

That would be a big adjustment, going from living at home to being at college. I'll pray that the Lord would continue to help you, and I look forward to hearing of your adventures. :-)
What college are you at?


Adelheide said...

Thanks Melanie!

I'd love to tell you what school I'm at, but I am not really comfortable posting that on the internet yet. Sorry.

Elinor Dashwood said...

Oh, no big! Have fun, wherever it is. :-)