September 27, 2009

18th Century Corset

This corset was the first item I made for an eighteenth century outfit. It was made from Butterick 4254.
The outer layer is silk dupioni from a dress I made years ago. It had grown too small so I recycled it. The lining is a cotton twill, and there is a layer of muslin in between. I purchased the boning from an excellent supply company, Grannd Garb. The steel whitebone is what I have used on this and my 1860's corset.
I sewed this corset by hand while listening to the lectures for an online class. It was very rewarding. After it was finished I had to make a few slight fitting alterations, but overall I fit the pattern exactly which was refreshing.
I had the pleasure to be working on this at the same time Anna Kristine was working on her Elizabeth Swan Corset. You should visit her blog to see her lovely work.

September 19, 2009

The Elisabet Bag

One of my new roommates is a lovely girl named Elisabet. When we went to Ikea together she found this fabric called "Elisabet"! Of course we had to get some since it is rare when anything in the U.S. shares her Scandinavian name.

I made her this tote bag using the same design as these bags. It went together quickly, and is now a great school book bag.

September 18, 2009

Pirate Party

Here are pictures from the event I hurridly finished the chemise dress for.

Me and my pirate friend

A pirate's lady

Another fierce looking pirate

This one's just in from Madrid

"Walk the plank!"Yes that is my dear sister with a gun to my back. She's wearing a pirate costume I made for a friend years ago


September 16, 2009

Walker Tote

Christmas season is coming up, and I wanted to share this project with you. It is a bag that buttons around the bars on a walker, and holds all the important items. This would make a great gift for a grandparent or elderly friend.

I don't have the link to the tutorial I used, but here are some good instructions.

This bag was a gift for my Grandmother last year, but the first walker tote I made was for a 4H sewing competition. For some reason, when I heard that I had to sew a "walker tote" I immediately thought that it was a bag to hang on a stroller. Apparently my crazy mind confused a walker with a stroller?!?! Anyways, with the mindset that I was going to make something for a stroller I chose bright Finding Nemo, and contrasting neon orange fabric. It wasn't until later that I finally realized what I was really sewing. Hopefully someone at the retirement center will enjoy a crazy tote to carry their newspaper around in!

September 13, 2009

A weekend adventure

Last weekend we piled into our cars and went on an adventure... can you guess where we're going?
Half of us had been before, the other half (myself included) haven't.
After a long afternoon of looking through the showrooms, we stopped at the cafe for a snack of meatballs and lingonberries. Delicious!

Then a few more hours of shopping...and being silly...and having fun...

Some in our group are IKEA die-hards, so we just relaxed and watched them work their magic.

I came home with just two beautiful mixing bowls.

--and some fabric to sew up during my next holiday

September 06, 2009

Ready, about!

Two weeks ago I left for a new college. It's my first time living away from home and it's been an adjustment. I live with five wonderful girls, some of them are a lot like me, some are very different. Because my schedule has changed drastically, I don't exactly know what direction this blog will go. I have a part time position as the sewing teacher's assistant, so I will still get to be somewhat creative. There might be a lot more posts on our adventures, or school related stuff, or what sewing I can cram in when I unpack my sewing machine from under my bed. I hope it's doesn't get too dull!

This is my new roommate Becca. We were born in the same hospital, so that makes us very compatible. :)