August 11, 2009


Last week I went out of town, but since I figured out how to schedule my posts I bet you didn't even notice. :D This lucky blog was updated even while I was away playing.

This morning I've been finishing a custom order from my Etsy shop. It is a 1950's inspired dress made with navy and white. I love the contrast.

If you haven't visited my shop The Nimble Thimble before, I'd love to invite you over. Because I'm leaving for school in a few weeks, I'm not sure how much longer the shop will be open. It's been a great experience though, thank you to all my customers!


Jenaveve said...

Sounds like school's going to keep you very busy. Will you still have time to sew and post occasionally?

PS. Love your two posts with all the links. I just need some time now to take a look through them all (but I can't wait!)

Adelheide said...

I will be busier at school. It's my first year going away to school, the last few I've been living at home. Hopefully I'll still be sewing, and we'll see what happens with my blog. :D