August 25, 2009

Silk 1880's Polonaise

Here is another dress I made for Linda. This one was especially for the yearly formal event called Rendezvous. She has worked at the Museum for years, and wanted to finally have a nice dress to wear instead of the work dresses we always wear out at the homestead.

The pattern again is TV904. It is made up in an incredible Italian silk that unfortunately doesn't photograph very well. The background is a lovely sky blue, with brown swirls all over. To get to sew on fabric like this was amazing, it took days until I was brave enough to cut it, and I would just gaze at it lovingly while it was spread out on the table!

Linda did most of the trimming herself, but I did some of the brown pleating around the neckline. We spent lots of time at the ironing board burning ourselves before we caved and bought a pleating attachment for the sewing machine. It will get tons of good use though because the ladies in 1880 were obsessed with pleats!
The skirt is also the same as the velvet one, TV 221. These pictures were taken earlier than the previous two so it doesn't have the velvet band attached yet. I had to hand stitch the pleats on because my needles wouldn't go through so many layers of silk. It bent into a "c" shape while sewing!

I have some pictures from Rendezvous to share soon!

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Anna Kristine said...

I LOVE this dress. :) I can't wait to see pictures from the Rendezvous!