August 04, 2009


I was putting together a list of my favorite links for a friend of mine, and I thought I would share them here too. Most are related to historic costuming, or historic fashions, and the majority are for the Regency time period. I hope you enjoy them! Here are articles and information related to the Regency era. If you have a Facebook, you will understand the hilarity of this re-telling of Pride and Prejudice. This site has some good how-to articles on hair styling. More Regency information, if you're as obsessed as I am. Caddie Woodlawn paper dolls from the Wisconsin Historical Society A beautiful collection of original children's clothing. Here is a Danish museum with an incredible collection, I have only browsed the Regency collection, but I'm sure the others are also interesting. Here's a site with vintage clothing for sale, it is great inspiration This is a new resource for costumers, it’s expensive to sign up, but there is some free stuff available.


Elinor Dashwood said...

LOL! That Facebook/Austenbook one was a hoot! LOL :-D

Jenaveve said...

Thanks for all the great links!