August 12, 2009

Links - Part 2

I found some more links that I had bookmarked on our family's computer, so you can find even more wonderful places to browse! - My favorite place! Katherine is such an incredible seamstress, I always go here for inspiration. - Someday I would love to be able to attend this event. Take a look at some classes that have been offered in the past. - Here is where our Museum gets most of it's fabric. - Beautiful, beautiful hats! - Here is a free pattern from the V&A Museum. - This pattern review site is often very helpful. - Hairstyle info for the 1880's - If you're ever invited to a masquerade, go here for inspiration. - An excellent source for regency information. Also check out her 1880's dress diary here, - A free regency bonnet tutorial, by Jennie Chancey - Here is where I buy all my corset supplies, I love their company.

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