August 14, 2009

Jesse James - Part 3

Here are some of the last pictures, including ones from the Jacksonville bank. This bank, called Beekman's, was shut down in 1911 and given to the Historical Society. Almost nothing was touched inside and it was turned into a walk through exhibit. As a result, we had a very nice looking backdrop for our scenes, and very little had to be changed.

Beekman's Bank
Yes, I'd like to make a deposit. Just a normal day at the bank.
And it's all captured from that silent camera behind.
Apparently the banker doesn't have my name on record
She's writing a check for my trousseau!
Poor Jerry is shot.
See the cameraman behind the glass?
Frank James is inside. After a week the guys got pretty good at spinning their guns.
All the gear waiting to be packed up
Group shot
Wrap party at the Bella Union

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Jenaveve said...

Wow! Love the costumes, the sets, the theme. Looks like it was a lot of fun to be a part of.