August 14, 2009

Jesse James - Part 2

We shot some of our scenes in the lovely town of Jacksonville Oregon. The entire town looks like it has been untouched since the 1880's.

Jesse and his men riding into town, from the cameras point of view.

Jesse and his men riding into town, from the pedestrian's point of view.

Astride his horse.

A man and his gun.

Bob Ford, aka assassian. I love the juxtaposition of cowboy vs. traffic.

Here was our amazing crew, l to r, Horse Handler, Producer, Assistant DP, Cameraman, and Director of Photograpy

This is Billy, the Director of Photograpy, and Sandy, the Producer. Their creativity amazes me, it was wonderful to work with them.

Free morning in Jacksonville - Ride the Trolly

Or just pose on it for pictures. You don't want to be far away when the DP needs you.

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