August 22, 2009

A Guest

I have been very uninspired in the way of posts this week, so I decided to feature a guest seamstress - my sister!

She has been sewing most of her life, but isn't as obsessed as I am. Once in a while I have to share my space with her and she leaves pins all over the floor and uses up my bobbin thread.

For a few years she participated in 4H and won countless awards. Her garments often won Grand Champion, and she received many prizes for modeling. She even had to model one year at State fair with her arm in a full cast!

My sis is also a fashionista. She can set the trends, which I believe is a skill. While cleaning out my Grandmothers house, she had a grand idea to use her old handkerchiefs and scarfs to make a skirt. Here is the result:

Great for twirling!
She wouldn't stand still for a picture so this is the best one I got, but I suppose it really shows her personality!
Now she is collecting men's ties for another unique skirt. Look for her designs on the runway someday.

1 comment:

Anna Kristine said...

This is so creative and so beautiful! I want one now. :)