August 02, 2009

Baby it's Cold Outside

It's ironic really, that I have that song stuck in my head today. It is actually very, very hot outside, and I've been at the iron for the past two hours. In two weeks is a big evening event at the museum. I am sewing a silk dress for one of the ladies, and the pleated skirt trim is what I've been burning my fingers on all afternoon. Take notice of the big fan--it's my lifesaver!

Also laying on my table is a navy and white 1950's dress I am making for an Etsy customer.

Then there is also this box stuffed full of another dress waiting to be made.

What's that? You want to see that reproduction 1880's cotton up close? I suppose I can oblige.

I've also got a pile of scraps left from a dress I made on Friday. The dress will be modeled in two weeks for my sewing instructor at school.

Next week I'm going with the aforementioned lady to be an extra in the Jesse James movie this dress was made for. We're doing a bank robbery scene and so we decided to spruce up our 1880's outfits a bit. Her blue dress gets a new bodice with velvet collar and white glass buttons.

I'm working on trimming my hat with some paper flowers.

Here is some of what they've filmed so far. "Jesse," the guy reading the newspaper, who gets shot, is a friend of mine so it will be fun working with him next week.

This break has been good for my fingers, but now I must go finish that pleating.



Elinor Dashwood said...

Wow, so many fun projects! :-D Love the hat...and the fabrics. :-)
How did you manage to make costumes for a film? I would love to do that when I get better at historical sewing. :-)

Adelheide said...

For me it was all about making connections. I got involved with the museum, made friends with the staff, then I started sewing costumes for people there, ect. This movie is directed by one of the former living history program director, so he was a friend of mine and knew I could sew.

If I were you I would just keep sewing and improving, and then try to surround yourself with other people who like the same things. Opportunities will arise. :D