July 11, 2009

Tutu Tales

Because this is primarily a sewing blog, I believe I have neglected to mention that I am also a ballet dancer. After sewing, it is my second main hobby. Right now I am going to do a post entirely on ballet, I'm sorry if you came looking for dresses, and ballgowns, right now I am focused entirely on tutus.

This picture below is me in 2005. Excuse the closed eyes, they were probably plastered that way from all the mascara and eyeliner. Also note the adorable girl next to me, my sister, 5 years younger.

We were dancing in the ballet Giselle and I was one of Giselle's friends. What I'd like you to note is the tutu. See how it fits nicely, and makes me look like a rather well-dressed milkmaid? Yes? Good. Again, take a look at my charming sister! (I wore that same green costume in my first ballet, Swan Lake, at age 9!)

Below is an interesting optical illusion. It is me, four years later (eyes are open this time, thanks to an absence of stage makeup) holding the aforementioned, milkmaid-esque leotard.

You see, I must wear this costume again, in 14 days, for my final ballet performance. Again I am a friend, this time a friend of Swanilda's, in the famous ballet, Coppelia. What puzzles me (and something I have finally decided will never be solved) is that my tutu is now too large. Yes you read that right, it's too large! Either I shrunk, or the costume stretched, but it is now all saggy on me. Velvet leotards are unflattering enough without having them all baggy.

So you see, I suppose I can relate everything--including ballet--back to sewing, for it is now resting on my bed in all it's milkmaid glory, waiting for alterations.

~Happy Sewing


Margeaux said...

I immediately recognized that tutu because I bought the exact same one from a garage sale last summer! It's so pretty--I hope your alterations go well.

Adelheide said...

Wow, thats amazing that you found the exact same one at a yardsale! I guess another studio used it for a rehersal costume.

Our studio buys all the costumes, and my ballet teacher makes many of them, or customizes them. So we reuse a lot, and use the same ones that have been used for 20+ years. It's really fun to have such a legacy behind each costume!

hmaricle said...

Your last performance? wow.