July 06, 2009

Of Popsicles and Mudpies

Yesterday, one of the *four* boxes of fabric in my closet exploded. Now if you don't believe boxes explode, you are mistaken. This one definitely exploded. I had seen the warning signs, but foolishly ignored them--stuffing more fabric in, and piling tubs on top to hold the lid down. Now I realize that was a mistake.

Starting early I rescued what I could, and piled the remains on my bed. Using advanced skills taught me by my Mom in laundry 101, I folded and tucked things back in their rightful place in the box. I tried to throw away, honestly, but every scrap was just big enough to justify keeping it. (note: if it's bigger than a quarter it's big enough to keep)

When the surface of my bed was completely covered, and the box was inverted, I discovered It. Like a pearl found inside a grimy mollusk, I discovered The Perfect Fabric. It was just the tiniest bit, the leftovers from an old project, but my eyes lit upon sighting It.

It is - popsicles in summertime

It is - the smell of fresh cut grass

It is - whipped cream straight from the can

It is - running through the sprinklers

It is - watching for shapes in the clouds

It is - cold lemonade

And so I made it up into a skirt; for a girl who can do all of the above, and make mudpies and tie bows in her hair...

I hope she will like it.

If you know of the girl described above you can find the skirt here in my shop.

(hope you enjoyed my nonsensical tale--based, of course, on a true story)

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SisterlyLove said...

Ha ha! Loveliness!