July 26, 2009


Coppelia is a ballet based on two short stories written by ETA Hoffman in 1816; Der Sandman, and Die Puppe. Hoffman also wrote the story which the Nutcracker is based on. The music was written by Leo Delibes and the original choreography was done by Arthur Saint-Leon. It premiered on May 25th, 1870 in France.

This picture is from the Royal Ballet's Coppelia. The video of it on YouTube (doll scene) is amazing. It is my favorite scene in the ballet, and very well done.

The story revolves around Swanilda and her fiance Franz in a small European village several hundred years ago. Everyone is curious about a beautiful girl, Coppelia, who sits reading in the window of the foreboding Dr Coppelius's house. They think she is his daughter and are frustrated because she won't join in their festivities.

Swanilda catches Franz blowing kisses to the girl and is frustrated because they are to be married the next day. She sneaks into Dr. Coppelius's workshop to figure out who this girl is. When she realizes that Coppelia is simply a doll she is relieved and laughs at Franz's foolishness. When Dr. Coppelius unexpectedly returns, Swanilda hides from him by dressing up in the doll's clothing. She teases and taunts the Dr, breaking his dolls, and ruining his shop. Finally she reveals the naked mannequin and runs out of the shop leaving Coppelius amidst the ruin.

Swanilda and Franz become reconciled and the next morning celebrate their wedding amidst the townsfolk, and it all ends happily ever after!

Here is my sister and I in our first act costumes. She had her first solo in Mazurka, which is a folk dance. I was a friend of Swanilda.

This is my friend Emi and I being friendly in our friend costumes.

In the second act Jennifer was a doll in Dr Coppelius's workshop. Here she is posing with some of the other dolls. (it's kind of hard to recognize them in makeup, Jen's in brown)

In the third act I was the sunrise. I can't really describe how it fit into the story, but it was a great part to dance.


The Jantzen family said...

Ahhh! SO beautiful! I wish I could have been there to see you dance! Is there any chance of a piece going on Youtube or anything like that?

Adelheide said...

We will not be getting a copy of it until September--it's hard to wait that long! But if we ever upload any of it I'll let you know.