July 08, 2009

Bleak House Costumes--Lady Deadlock

Lady Deadlock is a lovely, wealthy woman, and her clothing reveals that. This green dress is the first one she is seen in, and this picture captures the black trim around the neckline.

And here you can see the bodice front.

Here is another green dress. This is one of my favorites; I love the buttons in front, and the bit of embroidered lace tucked in at the collar.
The same lace also peeks out from the sleeves.
Here is an interesting dinner gown, it is a short sleeved burgundy dress, with sheer (organza?) oversleeves.
Here is a different burgundy dress, with pagoda sleeves and a pleated bodice.

This dress took my breath away when I saw it. I think it is incredible. I love the crisp grey color, and the mock jacket look. It's nice to see Lady Deadlock in something besides green and burgundy!
Here you can see some of the seam in the bodice (in case you want to copy it).
Look at the lace peeking out! Marvelous!

Here is the burgundy dress again, and look at her little mitts.
Is this the same bodice altered? Same skirt different bodice? Or different dress altogether?

Here is her stunning black dress. I have always had the desire to own a black dress, very unpractical I know.
Coming up next... Ada


SisterlyLove said...

OH and i can't wait for Ada!

SisterlyLove said...

no way! I just wrote a very long comment and it didn't save it! oh stinkin'! *sigh* Well all i said was, I LOVE all of Lady Deadlocks clothes! my favorite is her striped traveling out fit that is the same dress that Margaret wears in "North and South" its beauteous! I also am in LOVE with all her hats! there so fabulous..love you dahhhhling!

Marianne Dashwood said...

I love all of Lady Dedlock's outfits! Looking forward to Ada's!

Elinor Dashwood said...

Absolutely scrumptious!! I especially love the grey one (which she wears when she talks to Esther.) I think she looks stunning in the black one too. :-)

I cannot WAIT for Ada's costumes!! I love 'em!!! :-D

SisterlyLove said...

If you gave Marg, Aimee and I a penny every time we said "I LOVE that DRESS!!" or "Look at that dress!!!" or "Rewind!! Did you SEE that one?" while we watched Bleak House, we would be rich women. So lovely! I love all of her lace accents. Beautiful!