July 06, 2009

Bleak House Costumes--Esther

The main character in Bleak House is Miss Esther Summerson. She is an orphan, with no knowledge of her parents, living at Bleak House as a companion to Ada. You might recognize her as Bessie Higgins from North and South.

Her dresses were all simple materials, yet the styles and colors were so elegant.

She wore a lot of light blue dresses, probably because they look so good on her!
This shawl has a pretty burgundy border, with fringe.
And finally it is the dress that I admired and made. It really looks stunning on her.
It is interesting to note how the trim ends at the shoulder seam. I didn't realize this, and made mine go all the way to the waist.
And then look at this, it is another dress with almost the exact same trimming!
I wonder why the costumer did this?
At the beginning of the movie Esther's hair was always pulled back into a lovely chignon, however after she gets smallpox, her hair is always left over her ears. I don't like this style very much, but it is an interesting change to note.
Coming up next... Lady Deadlock. If you've seen the movie feel free to chime in with your impressions of the costumes. If you haven't--go and watch it quickly!


Elinor Dashwood said...

Oh, I never noticed that Esther had TWO dresses with that same trimming!
I think she looks beautiful in her light blue dresses. :-) The one when she is talking with Mr. Woodcourt at dinner is especially lovely. Isn't she a wonderful character? :-D

BTW, I love your blog background and header! :-D

~Melanie A. (from the S&S forum)

Adelheide said...

Thanks for commenting Melanie!

Yes, I'm rather fond of Esther too, I'd like to read the book now and find out how Dickens makes her out.

Marianne Dashwood said...

Watch it QUICKLY, you say?? You must be joking...:-) That's a great movie, and great costumes. Looking forward to Lady Dedlock's!!

SisterlyLove said...

Oooh! I love Bleak House!! It's one of my very favorites!
I love her dark green dress! The last greyish/purpleish one is so gorgeous too! I love the sleeves on that one.
I really like all her lace collars and things!
Yes, I like her hair better in the chignon, but I think perhaps they must've done this cause it's a little more on the face. The weird thing is... This style is VERY 1840's while her earlier hairstyle is what seems to me, closer to the 1850's. But then, I'm a firm believer in not ALWAYS wearing what's in style. =]

Adelheide said...

Hello Marianne, yes I suppose I was being slightly facetious! It is a looong movie. :D

Marguerite ~ Wouldn't it be wonderful to discuss with the director why they did things certain ways? I agree with you that they left her hair down to cover what they could of the scars on her face.

SisterlyLove said...

Ohhhh! I love those dresses! I didn't notice she had two of the dresses with the gathered things in a V. I love your version of it! The second one looks very dainty with the short bell-like sleeves! I love them..