July 15, 2009

Back to School Clothes

I've been working on some back to school clothes, trying to use up fabric from my stash. Amazingly I already had the wool, lining, and buttons for this jacket so I didn't have to spend a cent!

This coat turned out better than I expected. Usually I am disappointed with how modern clothes look and I sell them, but the fit and style of this one were just right.

Although I love the plaid, I would like to make another one in a solid black wool for this winter. My Mom and Sister are both trying to steal this coat, so it looks like I might be making them each one as well!


Elinor Dashwood said...

I can understand why your mom and sister would want to steal your coat! So do I! ;-) It's just lovely, and you look great in it! :-D

SisterlyLove said...

oh my! i LOVE that jacket! how wonderful! I'm really in-love with all jackets...*sigh*