July 07, 2009


The Nimble Thimble is excited to announce the release of it's first pattern, a Regency Bonnet!

When I made the above hat based from the movie Emma, I was so pleased with the results I immediately started creating a pattern and it is now available for you in my shop, The Nimble Thimble.

Just weeks ago I graduated from a college program in drafting. I drew many house plans, maps, and mechanical objects during school, but never patterns! It was so much fun to use my skills for a hobby that I am (obviously) obsessed with.

The instructions are fully illustrated as well, and are designed for seamstresses who already know how to use commercial patterns. The hat is a one size fits all adult pattern, however the basic design can be easily altered.

This is another hat I created using the pattern. It will be for sale soon in my shop. I can also create custom hats for anyone interested. Perhaps you have a special regency gown that needs the finishing touch of a matching hat!

Visit the Nimble Thimble to get your own copy of our new Regency Bonnet Pattern


SisterlyLove said...

Hooray!! What a sweet bonnet!
"If I don't have you married to the Colonel by tea-time, I shall swallow my own bonnet!"
Ha ha!

Marianne Dashwood said...

That is beautiful!!!

My sister Elinor recommended your blog to me. :-)

Gloria said...

Cool! I'll keep your pattern in mind the next time I make a regency bonnet!

Trina said...

How exciting to publish your first pattern - congratulations!

A word of caution - I would warn against posting photos of the pattern pieces for all to see - a clever person might try to copy your idea just from the photos here on your blog. Don't give away your hard work!

hmaricle said...

What a great accomplishment. "Are all Ladies so accomplished?"