June 26, 2009

My foot's in the door...

I have embarked into the world of film costuming! This dress was made for an upcoming movie for the History Channel. It will be a documentary on Jesse James, and from what I'm told, his Mother will wear this while running out of a burning building. I sure hope they don't have to burn the dress!

This dress is made from a lightweight forest green wool fabric. It has large pagoda sleeves, undersleeves (not pictured) a pointed front, and a dart fitted bodice. The points in the front actually flare out when worn over a hoop skirt.

Of course it features Czech glass buttons! These ones have colored rhinestones glued in the center. Unfortunately my camera doesn't do them justice.

The skirt has a combination of pleating and gauging, and it has a faced and bound hem. There are no pictures of it yet because it doesn't look very good on a hanger.

There is still some trim and a collar to be added to the dress, however I won't be putting them on. Perhaps I can get pictures of it eventually. If you are wondering, I made the connection for this job through the museum I volunteer at. It was a one time deal, but perhaps I will be able to do more film costuming in the future.

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hmaricle said...

Awesome opportunity! Let me know when the movie comes out, I want to see it. :)