June 12, 2009

Hats--Part Three

The third hat I made last week was for a 150th birthday celebration for Oregon. It was a very hot and dry sunny day, and I was thankful for a hat and parasol.

This straw hat originally had a round crown, and a much larger brim. A trick I learned about straw hats is that by wetting straw you can completely re-shape it. I let mine soak in hot water, then I formed a precarious looking pile of canned food, and coffee cans to shape it exactly as I wanted. To finish the edge I cut off about three inches of the brim and sewed on a wire and grosgrain ribbon.

This brown ribbon is actually sewn around a thin piece of elastic, and it stretches around the back of my bun to keep the hat in place. I also added loops for bobby pins because the hat was flapping up in front. I was thankful for these things when a huge wind storm came up in the late afternoon!

This style of hat was typically worn by young girls, and during this event an older lady told me that the streamers were nicknamed "catch me if you can ribbons." Hmm, I should be careful.

Here is one last picture of me relaxing in the shade.

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SisterlyLove said...

Well done! Your hat turned out so beautifully! Very clever to put the elastic in the back and loops in the front! You're so intuitive!