June 21, 2009


My sewing table is littered with these right now; Chechoslovokian glass buttons:

A local bead store bought boxes full of these buttons in bulk. However, to find matching sets you have to dig. And dig. And dig. I spent an hour unearthing these ones, and my eyes were starting to cross. Eventually I narrowed down the piles I had chosen to these four, but I hope to go back soon for more!

These are the four different patterns I chose. The big one in the back you will see in use very soon!


SisterlyLove said...

Those are so beautiful! How much did they cost? Which bead store?

So beautiful!

Ok, we need to get together soon for a "dress up" picnic. :) As soon as it warms up again yes?


Adelheide said...

They cost 10 cents per gram, so this entire lot was about 12 dollars. You can find them at Azilion Beads, I'm sure you will love looking through them!

Yes yes yes! Let's dress up soon! Isn't this weather so strange? I'm looking forward to having some warm weather again.